Septic Power - 128 oz.

$ 22.95

Septic Power uses a powerful concentration of natural bacteria and enzymes to open drains and regenerate your septic system.

Advantages of Septic Power:

  • Maintain extremely high bacteria count
  • Reduces sludge buildup
  • Works extremely fast
  • Reduces pump out frequency and prevents build-up in household plumbing
  • Can be used as a maintainer for grease traps
  • Breaks down and eliminates build up in pipes without harming the pipes
  • Breaks down waste in portable toilets, waste lagoons, and RV & Marine holding tanks
  • Can be used to eliminate odors in dumpsters, trash cans, refrigerators, ice chests, and bilges
  • Increases bacterial activity
  • Will not harm systems or plumbing

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